WIP Wrestling

There is a new event happening on Ravelry – Ravelympics. The challenge is to finish knitting something before the conclusion of the Olympics. Start time to be the opening ceremonies in Beijing on 8/8/08 at 8 pm. There are events such as: Itsy Bitsy Bikini Breaststroke, the Cable Steeplechase, the Bag-n-Tote Backstroke, etc. I am entered in the Shawl Relay where I hope to start and finish my Seascape Shawl from Knitty. It was a KAL with my group from the shop, but after frogging two or three times (I lost count), I gave it up. Hopefully a deadline will help to motivate me because I know it will be worth the effort. I’m doing a heavier version in Summer by Spunky Eclectic, a dk weight with a lovely sheen and drape.

One of the more popular events in the Ravelympics is the WIPs Wrestling. I have been doing my own mini-version lately. I finished the Soleil tank (see previous post) and the following:

Herringbone Lace Socks from Getting Started Knitting Socks by Ann Budd in Cascade Fixation

Azure Socks by Debbie Barnhill for Knitty.com in Artyarns Ultramerino4. This yarn was fantastic to work with and the color gradations and fabulous. The pattern was perfectly written and a joy to stitch!

I also finished the button band on my Sprout and completed my Blizzard Stole – pictures to be taken when the sun comes back out.

Now my WIPs have all be completed! So I need to cast on for something NOW. This morning I wound some Arucania Ranco. Yes, I put my yarn on a pedestal. Isn’t is gorgeous? I’m either going to do the Master Coriolis by Cat Bordhi or the River Rapids Socks by Sockbug.


Field Trip

Max and I recently went on a field trip to Longwoods Alpaca Farm in Cumberland, ME.  We had such a nice time!  There was supposed to be a picnic lunch as well, but the weather did not permit.  The owner’s friend was also there to give a spinning demonstration on her Ladybug, but Max was not too interested in that.  I think he knows it leads to knitting, and this was about HIM.  And dumb me didn’t even think to ask if they had yarn for sale.  Duh.


Yay!  We survived Max’s 1 week vacation from pre-school.  We spent 4 days in Mass., visiting Nana, Grandma, and everyone else we could think of.  We visited the fabulous Look Park in Florence, Mass. We went on the train, the bumper boats (but not the pedal boats), the water spray park, the playground and visited the zoo!  AND we went 2 days in a row.

Here are Max and Nana, running barefoot through the grass after an excellent breakfast at Sylvester’s in Northampton.

Here is Nana modeling the Moutonne (Soleil) tank that I made for her.  Well, I made it for me, but because I didn’t know at the time that bust size is not the same as bra size, it was too small for me.  But it’s perfect on her, so it was meant to be!

I even made it to Webs (twice)!  On Thursday, we headed for home and stopped in North Hampton, NH to visit Yankee Cross Stitch and I picked up a thing or two.  Now to find time for some stitching!

On Friday, we had our neighbors over for a celebration of the 4th.  I have no idea of what we did on Saturday.  But yesterday we spent the entire day out by the pool.  And my friend Madeline and her 3 yo son Sammy visited us as well.  It was a perfect end to a great week!

Here are some other things I have finished since last (gasp) November!

Strawberry Socks - gift for Aunt Gail\'s birthday June 2008

Socks for Aunt Gail’s birthday in June, 2008.

Pattern: Bamboozle from Crystal Palace (free on their website)

Yarn: Panda Cotton

Baby Eyelet Socks - gift for a friend

Baby Eyelet Socks

Finished in May, gift for a former co-worker

Coronet hat for Sam\'s Christmas

Coronet by Alexandra Virgiel

Yarn:  Malabrigo worsted – LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

Lisa\'s Birthday Socks - January 2008

Socks for Lisa for her birthday in January 2008

Pattern from Getting Started Knitting Socks.  These were my first and only socks on 2 circs.  I loved the method, but then I learned Magic Loop and never looked back!

Yarn:  Lorna’s Laces in Watercolor

Dear Diary

Dear Diary, it’s been seven months since my last post. It’s been a busy seven months. Let’s recap.


The job I was so excited about last summer didn’t work out at all. After 21 years, I’d come to the realization that I did not want to be a legal secretary any longer. That thought was hidden in the fringes of my subconscious when I took the job. But I seem to have less tolerance for things than I used to. I’m an adult now and I resent being treated like a child or a less-deserving human being. I should have seen the signs when the administator took me around the firm on my first day and informed me that the firm had a separate lunchroom for the attorneys. And the closed the door at 11:30 and the secretaries were not allowed to enter until after they deigned to open it around 1:00. So if you wanted a soda or something from the snack machine, you’d better have the foresight to get it before the door was closed. But I had my blinders on. I’d just come off a bad co-worker experience that caused me to quit a job after 4 months. But in hindsight, everything happens for a reason. I quit about 7 weeks ago and have been studying court reporting (stenography). I am loving it. I am pretty certain I’ll be done by the end of the year, as it’s a study at-your-own-pace program and I study and practice all day. I’m at about 50wpm, and I need to be at 225 to graduate. And the best part? I don’t have to work all summer!


There has been a lot of knitting going on at Chez Bruel. Here are 2 projects I finished in the last week or so.

Renamed at Moutonne, a gift for Nana

A wee gift for one of Sam's friends


My poor blog is neglected and so is my stitching. But I think I have a small remedy. First off, here is the hat and scarf I knit for Max for fall.

He’s pretty excited, eh?

AND I finished Present No. 1 of the Christmas Rush. This is the Ariel Scarf from Ysolda Teague. It was knit in Tilli Tomas Disco Lights in Gloxinia. I LOVE this yarn. This is for MIL for Christmas. I am going to knit another one in the Jade colorway for my Mom for Christmas instead of the mohair wrap.

Here is Bella guarding the scarf while it is being blocked.

Helpful cats I have in abundance.

I’ve also decided to give myself a break. I’m going to save the mohair project from hell as a Mother’s Day gift and knit this scarf again for Mom.  This was a quick stitch once I got going, so that will free up weeks of time for some stitching.  I like to do stitch a few ornaments for the tree every year and haven’t even started one this year.  I’ve dug out the Prairie Schooler Santas and can’t wait to get started!


So I wake up in the middle of the night (always), usually because Max wakes up and needs his cover back on or a kiss and a shhh, it’s okay. But sometimes I can’t go back to sleep after. Tonight the little one actually slept through the night, but I woke up at 3 anyway. I checked on him and tried to go back to sleep. After a half hour, I got up and got on the computer and now it’s 6:15 and normally, I’d be getting in the shower to get ready for work. And drink a lot of coffee in the a.m. to snap me out of it. But today I’m staying home. On Saturday, I spent the evening in the ER with Max. I like MaineMed, but sometimes I’d just like a definitive “this is what is wrong and this is how we fix it.” Ya know? He had a little hint of a rash on his face on Thursday evening, and on Friday, it spread a bit and turned red and by Saturday, the rash was looking like we needed a doctor’s visit on Monday. But at dinner time, when I was giving him a hug and some ice cream, I felt some huge lumps in his neck. Enlarged lymph nodes. A quick call to the doctor, a drive to the ER, a few hours waiting around. He was such a good boy! He fell asleep in my lap on the stretcher and slept through the first exam. The ped specialist came in after that and woke him up, but they couldn’t figure it out either. So they sent us home with some antibiotics. Yesterday the rash had spread, so off to the doctor we went. Blood work. Have you seen a 3-year old get blood work? He was awesome. I’ve never seen him sit so still or be so quiet. He was completely enthralled with the process and didn’t cry a bit! He has mono. Not common in toddlers, which is why they couldn’t diagnose it at the ER.

In any event, I’m awake, checking out Ravelry, reading blogs, waiting for the boy to wake so we can cuddle in front of the t.v. today. I’m going to try not to feel guilty about being out of work for 2 days in a row, even though I’ve used up all my vacation time. My sick boy needs his mommy.