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Playing Around

I was checking out other templates and accidentally “chose” one, when I thought I was just going to view it.  So since then, I’ve been playing around with the header picture.  I think I like this one.  This template is nice because you can change it quite easily on a whim.  So be prepared not to recognize it everytime you check in here.

I’ve gotten going again on my 2007 SAL with Auntie Lisa – Eileen Bennett’s Bands of Many Colors.  I am on band 2.  Don’t laugh!  It has a big chunk of motifs on top, but I am nevertheless several months behind.  I am still hoping to finish it by the end of the year, as planned.  Hope springs eternal, yadda, yadda.

I’ve been diligently knitting away on the cashmere scarf that my mother chose for herself.  She does not know that I also picked up some kid mohair to do a wrap that she was admiring at Creative Fibers in CT.  That will be a surprise Christmas gift, along with the lace socks I hope to finish in September. 

Because a scarf is a boring thing to knit, even with cashmere in Eve’s Rib stitch, I also started a beautiful ruby red cardigan for myself by Blue Sky Alpacas, called, dum dum da dum – The Royal Cardigan in Ruby Red Alpaca Silk.  But of course!

Pictures soon!  We are trying to soak up as much summer as possible with the wee one.  3-year old boy + beach = bliss. 


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A few weeks ago, during a too-fast vacation, on the way home from a play date Max fell asleep in the car and I decided to drive up to the yarn store. I brought him into the store still sleeping and laid him on the comfy couch, covered him with a shop model chenille blanket and teddy bear and let him sleep a little. There was no one else in the store, so the owner’s sister and I knit quietly while he napped – for all of 15 minutes! Once he woke up and saw where we were, it was all over. He LOVES the yarn store. There is a big basket of toys and no one minds if he runs around. So I got to knit for a little, shop a little and he had a good time. When we were leaving though, he did not want to give up the chenille bear. So I promised to make him one and let him pick out the color. He decided on pepto-bismol pink! I banged it out in a weekend and we named him Pepto.

On the needles now: a little black cashmere scarf for my Mom

Up next: finish the watermelon socks and then the raindrop lace socks

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