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Swatch Watch

Remember Swatch watches in the 80s?  I loved them.  I had the scratch and sniff ones in pink, yellow and blue and various others to match specific outfits.  I was very color coordinated in high school.  Now, not so much.  But anyway – I was TRYING to knit a scarf for my DH last week.  The gauge called was for was No. 8s.  I made a swatch with 8s, 9s, 10s, and 10 1/2s.  Who does this?  Nothing came out correct.  So I gave up and just used the 10s, it’s only a scarf after all.  So after knitting about a foot, my husband asks me who the scarf is for because it’s awfully narrow.  SO I ripped it out, made it wide, knit another 8 inches or so and found out he really doesn’t want a scarf.  Just the hat!  And I have to admit, I didn’t swatch.  I just went with the 8s.  Voila – my first finished hat! This was also my first project “in the round” on circular needles and my first project using DPNs, so I’m pretty pumped.  I finished it at midnight and DH is wearing it right this minute on the mountain as he got up at 5AM to go snowboarding.  We finally have SNOW in Maine.  I’m going to try to get outside with the little one to make a snowman before nap time.  But here are two snow-related finishes (that still need finishing).   


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