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Lisa and I had an awesome (albeit short) girls weekend this past weekend.  I drove down to Connecticut on Friday and didn’t hit any bad traffic.  We had dinner and then knit the evening away.  Due to washing machine problems at home (turned out to be 3 socks stuck in the pump), I threw a load in at Lisa’s.  There was a clinking sound in the machine, which I kind of attributed to an older machine.  But in the dryer, it was even louder.  I wondered jokingly if I had left my keys in my jeans pocket.  Lisa checked and found a quarter flying around.  After that, it was quieter.  When I took the clothes out of the dryer an hour or so later, however, it turned out that yes, I am an idiot, and I had washed and dryed my keys.  Attached to my keyring is also the remote door opener/alarm setter.  Which now did not work.  Which will probably be obvious to all of you, but I needed to repeatedly try the button to convince myself that yes, water, agitation and high heat really do rend a small electrial component completely useless.  In the morning, we were up early, knitting away the time until the Hyundai dealership opened so I could figure out what to do.  Because although I had the keys to the car, I could not shut off the alarm.  The alarm also cuts off the engine.  So I could not even move my car, which was blocking Lisa’s garage, so we couldn’t get her car out to drive to the dealership to get a new “button.”  Rock and a hard place, indeed.  After several unsuccessful conversations with Tim at Hyundai in Manchester, I resorted to calling the dealership where I had purchased the car.  Joe was much smarter than Tim.  I needed to unlock the car with the key (setting off the alarm for the umpteeth time in Lisa’s quiet condo complex), sit in it, put the keys in the ignition, close the door and wait for the alarm to reset.  After the reset,  start the car and the alarm magically resets!  I am so glad I now know this and am so grateful for Joe.

After this ordeal, we headed out to meet my Mom for lunch at an awesome Korean/Japanese restaurant in Hartford, Ichiban.  And my mom knows good Korean food – she is Korean!  I had a fantastic meal of bulgogi (stir fried beef), kim chee (spicy pickled cabbage and spicy pickled daikon radish) and rice.  Yummy.  My mom had some kind of fish stew that she raved over and Lisa also had the bulgogi and sushi.  So, if you are ever in Hartford, CT, we recommend you visit the Ichiban on Farmington Avenue!

After we were well fed, we went to a knitting shop in Windsor, CT – Creative Fibers.  This is a large shop crammed with gorgeous, uh, fibers.  Lots O Yarn!  I came home with the cashmerino and donegal tweed shown below, as well as a T-shirt for DH that reads “I work so she can knit.”  Cute, eh?  He says I should have one for myself that says “I work so I can knit,” because that’s where all my money is going.

But let’s start the photos with the stitching, since there is precious little of it going on around here these days! 


Here is my progress on Bands of Many Colors.  Lisa and I have a year-end deadline to finish this SAL.  I am stitching this on 36 count something or other, maybe Edinborough?  The finished size is 4 1/2 wide by 21 long.  The designer, Eileen Bennett, always uses DMC.  This is one strand of DMC over 2 threads.  I will post pictures of this only after I have finished each monthly “assignment.”  The motifs are “due” at the end of February.

Donegal Tweed

This is the beautiful Donegal Tweed that my Mom chose for the cute beret in the Winter 06 Interweave Knits magazine.  I have to have it finished before St. Patrick’s Day.

 Debbie Bliss Cashmerino

 Debbie Bliss Cashmerino for the Fetching fingerless gloves and Nakiska headband – both from knitty.com.  These are both for me.

It was a great weekend and I hope to repeat it again soon!  Lisa will be visiting me in February and I have 5 yarn shops within a half hour of where I live.  Can you say YARN STASH?


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Long time no see!

Here is my new blog!  I hope you like my new home. 

It’s been a busy month for me.  I’ve gotten a new job, which I start in 2 weeks.  And I’ve learned to knit.  Well, I really started knitting on November 13.  Yes, I know the actual date.  So far I’ve knitted a scarf for myself (see the basketweave beauty featured in a previous post), a knitting needle case as a gift for Lisa, the Calorimetry headscarf (from Knitty.com), a baby kimono for my cousin’s impending arrival (from the totally awesome book Mason Dixon Knitting) and have started on a scarf and hat for DH.  Whew! 

In addition, Lisa and I started our Bands of Many Colors SAL and have actually worked out a scheduled for the year so that we can also work on other projects at the same time without worrying about how far we’re getting on the SAL.   I also started the South Seas Mermaid by Mirabilia.  She’s stitched on Blue Amersterdam linen, which is actually quite a bit darker than pictured in the picture.  It will go perfectly in my sunroom.  I am also working on a model for Carriage House Samplings. 

Busy as a bee.  I promise pictures soon!

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