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I wonder why has it taken me so long to create a blog? I have only recently discovered needleworker’s blogs, for some reason I thought blogs were just political forums. I’m glad to be part of this modern world, to be able to unite such technological wizardy with the very grounded and ancient form of needlework!

I have too many WIPs to name right now. I went to Celebration in Nashua, New Hampshire (www.celebrationofnw.com) May, and came back with more stash, and two class projects. The first is Time for Tea by Barbara Jackson. I hadn’t had the opportunity to take a class with her before, and she is just delightful. The project is almost complete. I ran out of thread and need to remember (should do it right now) to e-mail her to ask for more.

The second class project was Take a Lovely Sampler by Lauren Sauer, and it was indeed, Lovely. I will post pictures soon.

But right now I am focusing on designing my own patterns and have one in progress called The Checkered Path, which features (you guessed it) a checkered path. I will post a picture of that once I’ve finished stitching it. I also have ideas teeming in my head, now that I’ve decided to start creating my own. Hopefully they will come to fruition!


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